Autotech Recruit Support the IMI’s Techsafe™ Standard

Professional standards for electrified vehicles

IMI Techsafe

Training for electric vehicles is not yet regulated by the Government. However, employers are liable if untrained employees are injured while working on high-voltage vehicles. We support the IMI's TechSafe™ standard which is officially endorsed by the Government's Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). As electric and hybrid sales increase, the TechSafe™ standard is set to drive up confidence within the industry.

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What is IMI TechSafe™?

TechSafe™ is a standard to ensure the industry has employees competent to work on electrical systems in hybrid and electric vehicles.

IMI TechSafe™ registration ensures that complex automotive technologies are safely and correctly repaired by qualified technicians. Anyone working on high voltages must be competent (as per the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989).

How do I register with TechSafe™?

To register you must:


We are committed to making our network of over 450 temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers electric and hybrid aware by 2021 to meet the demands of the automotive aftermarket.

In a bid to drive forward the Electrified Vehicle Professional Standard, Gavin White, CEO of Autotech Recruit, has recently joined the IMI TechSafe™ Sector Advisory Group.

The TechSafe™ Sector Advisory Group, chaired by the IMI's CEO, Steve Nash, is made up of key figures representing the motor sector, including manufacturers, vehicle repair groups and dealers. This platform provides a valuable opportunity for industry experts to comment on and shape the future of the growing electric vehicle sector while safeguarding vehicle technicians.